Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A. Be. See

I was up last night thinking about this blog. I have to date, posted twice including this. I think about it, posting, but I don’t do it. I want to post more but feel uninspired, and judged and judgmental. I think too much. This has always been my problem: thinking and talking and not enough doing.

Frankly, over thinking things is a sheer waste of pure life energy. Imagining all the possibilities of what could happen in the future or obsessing over that happened in the past is exhausting. And pointless. Nothing will change the past. The future is not here yet. So just enjoy now. Be.

So in my period of unrest during the night, I was, yes, thinking. I was thinking about how as children we learn to speak and express ourselves by taking steps to learn our ABCs. These are the building blocks for linguistic enlightenment, for self-expression. I was in some way meditating on A, B and C, repeating each letter as if it were my mantra. Then, it dawned on me that the building blocks for that deeper expression of Divine truth come only when you can learn to Be. When you have mastered the art of Being, one will be able to See. It was an Aha moment, A. Be. See. Being brings about seeing. I don’t know what the A is for, it’s redundant. But I need it to make a point, to draw a parallel. So in my state of realization, I stopped thinking and just, well, was. And then I woke up. My thoughtless mind brought me abundant rest. My thinking mind brings me dark circles and indigestion. It’s time to start making wise choices. And that’s one way to describe life is, isn’t it, a series of choices.


  1. How true - we have to Be to See.... it seems so apparent now you say it...

    I read somewhere - We are not human beingS, but humanS being....

    I will try to be tonight (and now) but before sleep - thoughtless sleep must be so restorative and rejuvinating.

    Thanks for the insight :)

  2. I think your blog is wonderful and you should read more. I find it useful to put my thoughts into words - brings rest to my mind.

    Whenever you are ready, I'll add you to my blog list and give you a shout out.

  3. A could refer to "I", as in me.. I must Be in order to See. I love this sentiment, in its simplicity and profound truth. I just love your blog, have I said that? (:

  4. Thank you all! CDB, I love it! A is I - perfect :)

  5. A fab blog!
    So simple yet so profound.
    You have a gift with words - keep it up :)